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Over 98% of my clients who work directly with me 1-1 have either significantly reduced or completely eliminated their pain!

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Today begins a new chapter for you.

You’ve made a wise decision for yourself and your health!

Your purchase today may well be the turning point in your journey to getting rid of your pain and back into the life you were meant to live.

So, well done my friend!

Let’s talk a little more about what you just got yourself into! :)

The Freedom from Back Pain Method is laid out in 5 modules.

Feel free to jump into the first module right away. In a few minutes, you will get an email in your inbox with instructions on how to log in.

(If you don’t see it, check your spam folder for an email from me -- [email protected].)

In Module 1 you will find your first steps to take, along with the 2 most important things you should do right now to improve your health and reduce your pain.

The rest of the course will give you a deeper understanding of how pain has gotten stuck in your body. And you might even discover some hidden root causes that have been contributing to your pain!

And of course, you’ll get my step-by-step system for getting unstuck and erasing your pain!

It’s like having a pain eraser in your pocket!

Before you get started...

Let me ask you…

  • Would You Like To Experience Even Faster Pain Relief?

  • Would You Like Personal Help With Solving Your Pain?

  • I ask you this because it took me years to figure out what the missing pieces were to my own pain puzzle.

    It’s hard to see your own blind spots. And it’s also hard to know what you don’t know.

    Not having guidance from someone who had been there and knew how to solve my pain kept me in pain for many years. 

    Much, much longer than I needed to be. 

    Much, much longer.

    Because I didn’t have the information you’re about to have (that you so wisely invested in!)

    And... because I didn’t have anyone guiding me.

    You don’t have to let that happen to you. 

    You Don’t Have To Spend Years Trying To Figure This Out On Your Own Like I Did!

    While the Freedom from Back Pain Method is so effective and it can help you, you don’t have to solve your pain problem alone.

    If you want more help…

    We can do it together!

    I often get asked the question, “Can you help me with my pain?”

    And while I really put a lot into the Freedom from Back Pain Method, some people have asked for more personal help. And that’s one of the things I love to do--help you to solve your pain!

    If you remember Maria, we worked together on her chronic pain that she had for 20 years, and it went away all in 20 minutes, and didn’t come back.

    Maria Papaturi

    “I still feel amazing. I have no pain in my shoulders anywhere.

    I’m not afraid of moving because I don’t feel pain.

    I think that’s huge and I hope you can do that for everyone that comes in contact with you.”

    Maria Papaturi

    Chronic Shoulder Pain For 20 Years*

    Jennifer Hartzog

    While I do like to tout Maria as one of my most dramatic examples, I can’t, of course, promise anyone the exact same results.

    But I have had many dramatic results.

    Another example is Jennifer Ruse. Jennifer was experiencing severe pain in her lower back and hip. As a woodworker, she relies upon her body to make her creations.

    But the pain was causing spasms so bad that it would spike her pain level up to a 10 often throughout the day. Her knees would buckle from the intensity.

    It was making it hard to get anything done!

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    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer
    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer
    Jennifer Ruse

    “After 1 session with Jennifer, the pain went away. Pain’s gone; I have no more.

    I think you freed something in there that allowed my body to move normal again.

    I’m all into “natural” and no meds. I don’t take meds so it worked perfect for me.

    It really is amazing and worked well. I absolutely feel great.”

    Jennifer Ruse

    Low Back And Hip Pain For 7 Months

    Gloria Nunn

    “Before I started working with Jennifer, I was taking a pain pill every other day just because I couldn't handle the pain.

    I’ve worked with Jennifer and the Freedom from Back Pain method at Back on your Feet. And [in the last 2 months], I've only taken 2 pain pills.

    I found myself letting go of my pain pills because I didn’t need them anymore.”

    Gloria Nunn

    Back And Shoulder Pain For 7 Months

    Matt Ferone

    “After working with Jennifer, the pain has been eliminated. It is now over a year later, and the pain is still gone.

    I'm mobile and feeling like myself again.”

    Matt Ferone

    Sciatica Pain For 1 Month

    In Fact

    Over 98% of my clients who work directly with me 1-1 have either significantly reduced or completely eliminated their pain!

    As I explained previously, what Freedom from Back Pain will do for you is help you uncover what’s really causing the pain. Because when you fully solve the underlying root cause(s), it rarely comes back. And even if it does, you’ll know what to do because you’ll fully understand why it’s happening and know exactly how to solve it. 

    However, if you want my personal help with solving your pain, here’s what I can do.

    Plain and simple, by working with me personally 1-1, you can get there faster.

    I would like to invite you to join me for THE Get Out of Pain Action Plan where we will:

    • Create a crystal clear vision for your ideal health

    • Uncover hidden challenges that may be blocking you from getting better

    • Design your own customized pain relief plan that will leave you feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to take action towards finally feeling better!

    In this session, you will get my 1-1 help to create your personalized action plan that you’ll know the next right steps for you to take for getting out of pain.

    This is where I’m going to personally help you to figure out what your unique pain puzzle looks like.

    I’ve created a way that I can very easily and quickly detect what the missing pieces are for you…

    This is the “done for you” option!

    It can really speed up the process.

    Just like I did with Maria, and many of the other people you’ve just read about.

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    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer
    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer
    Vinay Phommachanh

    “My pain level was from a 9 and now after the 3rd session, is a 1.

    So she really helped out a lot!

    I would highly recommend it!”

    Vinay Phommachanh

    Acute Chest and Arm Pain

    So if you would like help with figuring out your unique Pain Puzzle….and what your missing pieces are…

    If you would like your customized Get Out Of Pain Action Plan...

    ....then I’d like to invite you to meet 1-1 with me, Jennifer.

    We’ll get on the phone or video chat for about 90 minutes to go over your individual situation and map out a plan for you accordingly.

    After all, everybody and every ‘body’ is different.

    So if that sounds good to you, go ahead and click the button and you will be taken to my calendar where you can set up a time that works best for you.

    The investment for this kind of one-on-one help is normally $497. Probably one of the best bargains you will find for customized help with your pain.

    However, since you just purchased FFBP at $97,

    on this page only,

    I’m going to offer you a

    special one time invitation.

    I would like to give you a savings of $200 off the investment
    for your Get Out Of Pain Action Plan for only $297.

    Regular Price $497

    Today Only $297

    Click Here
    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer
    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer

    As I am sure you can understand, this is an extremely limited offer.

    I only have a few spots open each week for these Action Plans, and as you can imagine, they tend to fill up fast.

    Sometimes I have to remove this page because I get too busy. If you’re reading this, I do have time slots available. So I encourage you to book now.

    Because I do want to help you. It is literally one of my greatest joys in life to help people get rid of their pain!

    Patty Morton

    “I met Jennifer several years ago, worked with her, and I’m happy to say I'm still pain-free!

    It's completely changed my life! I am very, very happy about it!”

    Patty Morton

    Chronic Pain For 10 Years

    Jennifer Hartzog

    So, if you feel like this is for you, simply click the link below and book your Action Plan right now before they fill up.

    I look forward to working more closely with you to solve your pain puzzle and get you back to the life you were meant to live -- pain-free, at ease, and feeling good again!

    Click Here
    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer
    Reserve Your Spot With Jennifer

    Our Pain Relief Results

    Ben Henthorn

    “I noticed the reduction of pain levels right away in our first session. [Now] I don't have that level of pain that I did, which was a fairly high level.

    I found this to be a lot more to my liking, a lot more acceptable as a remedy than the other ones I’ve tried.

    So, I would encourage anybody that's dealing with it to investigate and try out your services and take advantage of a non-pharmaceutical means of reducing pain or having it become more manageable and less intrusive in your life.”

    Ben Henthorn

    Low Back Pain Since 2002

    Rachel Morris

    “I had a lower back pain that appeared, and I wasn’t sure why. It was pinching deep in my lower back, made it hard to get out of bed, and even hard to stand up. My chiropractor had worked on it one time – but it was tenacious. I was scared, fearing permanent damage.

    Jennifer worked with me over the phone, she being in the Chicago area, and me in California. Through gentle probing, she found that I had some thoughts and beliefs that she intuited were at the root of the problem. She walked me through resolving these as directly related to the back pain.

    After our session, the pain was reduced by over 50% percent, never to return. I relayed her findings to my chiropractor who found evidence of what Jennifer had found, and was then able use that information to complete the healing. No MRI, no surgery.”

    Rachel Morris

    Acute Back Pain

    Richard’s Story

    An older gentleman, Richard Ring, came to me seeking help with chronic back and shoulder pain that he has had for 24 years! He had fallen down the stairs in 1992 while on the job and injured his spinal column. He experienced a lot of pain in his back and shoulders as a result.

    The injury not only affected his back but it also deeply affected his legs for 6 years. It was always painful from his hips all the way down to his toes.

    His leg pain level was at a 8-10 every single day. It was debilitating. So that affected his work and his relationships. Between his back and his legs, he was not able to live a full life. He was miserable.

    His employer recommended that he go to a chiropractor. So he went to the chiropractor regularly for 16 years! Every time he got an adjustment, the back pain would go away for a short time, but then it would always return, and he would experience that same lower back pain. Over and over again.

    And the chiropractic adjustments did absolutely nothing for his leg pain.

    In fact, nothing relieved his leg pain at all. Nothing.

    So Richard contacted me one day, we worked together and after just 1 session, he told me, “You took the pain away! You totally wiped out my back pain! Before I couldn't even twist or turn at all without experiencing back pain. I can move my back easily now. It’s totally cleared out.”

    That was in 2016, and his back pain is still gone!

    Richard then asked me if I could help him with his leg pain, too. He loved to go for long walks, but he would get really painful Charley horses in his legs that would cause him to trip, fall, and hurt himself! So he would have to stop every few steps to get the charley horses out of his legs just so he could walk. So because of the pain, he couldn’t do his favorite activity of going for long walks.

    So Richard and I worked together to solve the pain in his legs, too and within just a few sessions, his pain level went way down to a level 1!

    Now he says that he can go for long walks without getting a painful Charley horse. Richard told me, “You made it go away! I'm feeling a lot, lot better!”

    Since then, Richard’s whole life has changed! Not only can he now go on long walks, he started dating again! And now he’s finally living a pain-free life.

    Jody Wittnebel

    “For months I was living with a frustrating pain in my knee that left it feeling tight and unable to move without pain. It would become very uncomfortable and distracting at times. I had difficulty walking and doing normal daily tasks I have always been accustomed to doing independently.

    I began working with Jennifer only a couple of months ago and my level of pain has quickly reduced since then. I am now able to walk without difficulty and have even been able to travel to see family the past couple of weeks.

    I would recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking pain management from someone who has been there and back. Jennifer understands not only how to provide drug-free solutions to your pain but she really understands how pain can affect your life and she is always grateful to help!”

    Jody Wittnebel

    Knee Pain For Months

    Keith Pierce

    “Jennifer helped me tremendously. I’m in amazing shape now compared to where I was months ago!

    Jennifer was very encouraging and supportive and had many ideas.

    The compassion and the love that I feel [from her] is not like going to a doctor where you’re just somebody who’s pushed in one door and out the other. It’s not like that here. I have never felt like that.

    I tell everybody! I carry business cards for Back on your Feet with me all the time and if somebody complains about chronic pain, I quickly whip that card out and say, ‘If you’re tired of dealing with Western medicine that doesn’t work, try this and see the results.’

    Keith Pierce

    Back And Shoulder Pain For 2 Years

    Keith Pierce

    Alan’s Story

    Alan initially decided to work with us because he was experiencing severe pain in his shoulder at a level of 9-10, but as we continued to work together, we were able to solve his pain in a lot of other areas, too--including 20 years of back pain!

    “I was having some severe pain in my left shoulder. It felt like it was bone on bone. I went to the doctor. X-rays. I tried some muscle relaxers. No help. Also physiotherapy, chiropractor – nothing, no relief.

    The biggest part was it would throb all day and then the real pain would come at night when I would try and lay down and go to sleep. That is really when it started to affect me, probably a 9 or 10 on the pain scale.

    I could not sleep--maybe an hour or two at night.

    It affected my workout--couldn’t play racquetball, couldn’t do any workout at all. Just constant throbbing in my shoulder.

    It was probably 4 or 5 months that I had that [level of] pain. Before that, there was always something going on there--every few weeks--there would always be something going on there. But this time it was the worst ever. This time there seemed to be no relief whatsoever from it.

    I was at the point I was willing to try anything.

    I would say after the first couple weeks [of working with Jennifer], I felt a relief in the pain. In 6 to 7 weeks, it started to really be noticeable as the flexibility came back into my shoulder. Less pain.

    Being able to sleep at night is probably the biggest part of it all. To be able to lay down at night and get a good night's sleep is huge. It has affected me in every aspect of my life. I can’t put it into words.

    It’s been a year and a half since I had the issue, and I’ve had zero trouble with my shoulder. It's been working just fine. I couldn’t do my backhand in racquetball. I just couldn't hit it and now I'm in there every day and I'm using it and it's back to where I want it.

    I have had no issues with my shoulder whatsoever now! It’s back to like it never happened--just like it never happened.

    I was also having problems with my hip--I had been going to a chiropractor for probably about 20 years on a regular basis. [Since working with Jennifer], I haven't been to the chiropractor in about 6 months. Just huge relief there--huge!

    Hamstring issues, tightening of the hamstring--major relief after 1 session. Back pain, severe back pain--I thought, well I’ll have to go back to the chiropractor again. She worked with me on it and literally it was back to normal. It was really good.

    My right foot had been bothering me since I was a kid--age 6 or 7. I’ve had problems with that right foot. [Since working with Jennifer,] it's not gone completely but--major improvement in my foot. I can't believe it!

    Huge improvement in overall pain.

    To say the least, the results have been phenomenal.

    [Now I can] get a good night's sleep, get to work out and get to do all the things I need to do on a daily basis. 

    Jennifer's overall attitude and approach to life has come across as I talked to her. She gives you a positive mental attitude.

    I've told everybody about it--I recommend it to anybody with pain. It's a fantastic experience.”

    Alan Burke

    Shoulder, Back, Hip, Hamstring, & Foot Pain For Decades

    Penny Hansen

    “Since I’ve been working with Jennifer and Back on Your Feet, my pain has really, really decreased.

    I actually felt immediate results and I thought “Wow! Is this really for real?”

    I would highly recommend it to anybody that has been having pain, especially for a long period of time. I just think she has a very good thing and for anybody that has pain, it’s well worth it! The pain relief is fantastic.”

    Penny Hansen

    Back And Leg Pain For 40 Years

    Rev. Dennis Roser

    “The consultations were very helpful to me because I don’t tend to think about or acknowledge what’s going on with my body.

    I live very much in my head and so the pain I was experiencing probably has a lot to do with--I wasn’t acknowledging the pain and discomfort, those signals of the body were sending me, and to the place where they became quite great and the muscles were quite disturbed and agitated.

    And so these consultations were helpful to me to get me to think a little bit more about what my body is experiencing and to pay attention to those sensations rather than ignoring them.

    What I found most beneficial was the varieties of practices used by Jennifer. Having a variety of methods at her disposal was very helpful in my healing. I don’t think that my pain in my shoulders and my shoulder blades would have been reduced any other way.”

    Rev. Dennis Roser

    Back And Neck Pain For 25 Years


    “After a short time of working with Jennifer, the pain was gone and I was back to my normal activities.

    It’s been five months since I’ve last had the pain and I’ve been pain-free since.

    What I liked was about everything that Jennifer does is that it's all natural.

    I’m not taking pain medicines. I'm not putting things in or on my body that aren’t natural. When I was using the medications, it wasn't curing--it was just subsiding the pain. Now that I've been working with Jennifer with holistic treatments, it's wonderful to know that I'm not putting things into my body that shouldn't be there.”

    Tasha T.**

    Low Back Pain

    Lamar Pulliam

    Lamar’s Story

    I’ve had this pain for years--probably over 30 years and it has restricted a lot of things that I’ve been able to do or wanting to do up until I met Jennifer.

    When I first met Jennifer and had her first treatment--I was excited and happy and I felt the pain relieving on that first treatment. Then I got mad because I’m thinking, oh my God, look how much time, money, and resources I wasted over 20 years, and here she is--I could tell the difference in a 1 hour or 2 hour session. The very first time with her I knew something was happening.

    I did all kinds of shots, all kinds of pills. I went back to calculate all of that. And from 1993 up until about 2011...I spent a total of roughly around $63,000.

    I spent a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of years just trying to get some relief.

    If you got some pain, you know where I’m coming from. You know what I mean--you’re going to do whatever you need to do to try and get rid of that pain. She is as humble as you could ever imagine, and it blows my mind when you have that kind of gift and that kind of talent. And that it’s also real--she’s not fake about it. It’s also real, you can feel it--everything--you can feel and you walk away thinking, “Wow!” You’ve been in the presence of something bigger and better than yourself, and that she is bringing that through her and giving it to you in word and deed and action and support. All of that and then you walk away like, “Life is so good. I can do this.”

    I am--for probably the first time when you really start looking at things in a true sense--truly investing in myself, no matter whatever else I’ve done or achieved. I am truly investing in me, not in an RV, not in Las Vegas, or a house, or whatever that case--that’s where we put our priorities sometimes. That’s things, that stuff come and go, but you is all you have--this is it. And I want to be the best me that I can be.

    Every part of this is going to help you get to where you need to be, to get to the relief that you need, the help that you need. You’re going able to sustain it because she’s not going to give it to you and walk away. She’s gonna give you stuff to do.

    If I had only met her sooner or if I knew about this approach--this whole holistic thing. Her whole approach is absolutely amazing.

    I feel like life is worth living again!”

    Lamar Pulliam

    Leg Pain For 33 Years

    *Testimonials are from real clients and accurately represent the actual results received from our work. Because the healing process is unique to each person, results may vary.

    **Some names have been changed to respect the client’s request for privacy.